Nexo Media, Multi Cultural Advertising Agency

Embracing diversity, respecting cultures and enhancing languages.


Nexo Media was founded in 2005 with a goal to deliver products and services awareness to the Latino Community in Sonoma County with a digital signage platform inside local supermarkets. We expanded into In-Store Radio under Nexo Radio to retailers in 2006. This new mechanism allows us to deliver radio like services to retailers where music and customized advertising is programmed while consumers shop. Currently we provide services to most major supermarkets in California with customers in Arizona and Nevada.

Nexo Media LLC was incorporated in 2013. We are the Latino Advertising Agency in Sonoma County. Since then we have incorporated Nexo Media, where Social Media content and development services, translations and consulting services are provided to companies that want to engage or are engaged with Latinos. Our team is composed of programmers, graphic designers, video producing and editing, voice over talent.


You can visualize it, you know exactly what you're looking for. Or maybe you don't know how to and require support. Let us be your choice. Creativity is key to engage with your customers. Now how can you do this in Spanish? Expanding your reach to our diverse community should be in your growth plan. If not, no problem.

What engages you as a consumer? A portrait/picture that can be interpreted in many ways or a short video with emotional touch to create an action? How about an areal view to get the big picture?

We provide concepts that story tells a situation. The closer to reality the more effective.


Aww! That perfect voice that can handle English and Spanish voice over. We've recorded more than 8,000 audio spots. All unique and genuine. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of voice over talent that ranges from children, young adults, adults and elderly.

So you have a great message you want to send. It could be used on Radio, In-Store Radio, Internet Radio and even adapt it to a video.

Full production handled in one place. Voice, tracks and effects. All customized to your needs. Need script writing? let us handle it.


Our talented group of graphic designers are passionate of their work. Each and every concept is designed to have its own personal touch.

Let's get real, business cards, brochures and basic marketing needs can be done with a simple 1,2,3 steps. So print options are not that difficult to work with. Because video development is our main focus, having in-house graphic designers to incorporate the coolest animations is really fundamental. Even better, you have a brochure you need to translated. Once translated you need then to adapt the text to the brochure. Good news, we can do this for you to save you time and money.


We started this venture back in 2005. We were a little ahead of the game. So took a break and now back at it again. We create digital menus, informational boards, product and services showcased all on digital monitors. Entertaining customers visual time while they wait is extraordinary. With customized programming f course.

It's not as costly as you think. Better yet there are ways that the same content can be exposed to external consumers to maximize your reach.

Free consultation, with no hidden fees.


All retailers have music playing. Many with unwanted ads playing or just straight music. Consumers while they shop or wait are listening. Is this what you want to have your customers listen to ?

Imagine playing the music you want with custom ads to inform your customers about your products and services?

No long term commitment, adapts to your current audio system, no installation fees. Visit Nexo Radio for more information.


Our Bilingual team is always ready to deliver the right message with the correct words. Using an auto translator can be somewhat jeopardizing. We offer English to Spanish services with quick turnaround.

Having a webpage auto translated is also dangerous. It diminishes the great information you want delivered. Question is, what stops you from having your project professionally translated?


Without our customers ongoing support we would be extinct, dead, dissolved. We've been doing something extraordinary and thanks to all of our supporters we've managed to still keep growing.

Our diverse services reflect on the diverse customers we cater to. This is our competitive advantage. We manage to provide basic but important services to all businesses in our community. The list is pretty solid: Sonoma Clean Power, Luther Burbank Center, Community First Credit Union, Cardenas Supermarket, Rancho Mendoza, Lolas Market, Taqueria Molcajetes, Pacific Market, Big Johns Market, City of Santa Rosa, Exchange Bank, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Farmers Insurance, Jarritos, Salsas Mexico Lindo, County of Alameda....